The investment advisors of Equilor, a company with a history of 25 years, are not only among the best qualified professionals of the country, but they also pay maximum attention to your needs.

We are well aware that trust and knowledge of our partner?s expectations are indispensable for successful cooperation. Our experienced advisors will help you find your way around the immeasurable world of investment opportunities, and will propose optimal personalized solutions for you.

If any of the statements below is true for you, please contact one of our colleagues, who will be pleased to be at your disposal, and inform you about current investment opportunities!

  • I am unsatisfied with low deposit interest rates, and would like to achieve higher returns.
  • I cannot find my way around the multiple investment opportunities; I would like to see clearly, and invest my money well.
  • I do not have enough time to deal with my savings, therefore I want them to be managed by real professionals, who would take care of and enlarge them.

Equilor covers the entire range of investment opportunities with its product offering, so you will certainly find the most suitable solution with us to enlarge your savings.

Please call our colleagues directly:

Bertalan Nagy, director of Private Banking: +36 1 436 7019


Please describe the subject in which you need help and give us the time that is convenient for you to meet our expert. Our colleagues will be pleased to help you.

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